Epoxy Features For Floors That Wear

Floors that wear need to have the best flooring system possible. Not only is it a cost-saver for the business owner, it could also be a lifesaver when you take into account worst case scenarios arising from slipping on wet floors or tripping on chipped floors. The proposed epoxy floors pennsylvania system comes across as a high quality and durable delivery. Shopkeepers can also rest easy in the knowledge that this is a system that allows them to clean their floors a lot more easily.

This is a perfect fit for most commercial environments. It’s also perfect for the home environment, and not just the average home garage, either. The epoxy coating system can be utilized for all interior surfaces. Wear and tear may never come as close to that likely to occur within the commercial environment, and imagine only taking five, ten minutes to clean the floors. Spillage and stains are reduced quite considerably.

epoxy floors pennsylvania

The home environment is more focused on looks but is not a problem because the home user still has a few choice colors to work with. The produced finish is rich and attractive. Now, this is how the production system begins. A shot blast machine is used to mechanically prepare the concrete to remove surface layers of concrete substrate.

A bond coating material is then produced, allowed to penetrate deep into the concrete. The penetration leads to the creation of a tight bond that could very well last for years. The heavy blanket media broadcast to excess into the bond coat ends up creating a heavy, durable foundation. After all curing has been completed, a UV resistant topcoat is produced. This encapsulates the media and the final result turned is a tough, rich and beautiful new surface.